Claire Fontaine

Claire Fontaine is the author of two memoirs, a national public speaker and a former screenwriter. She currently lives between South Florida and France, most recently Paris, where she spent five months researching a historic novel.

She’s also a certified life coach and certified relationship coach who focuses on personal transformation, parenting and all relationships (family, friends, social, professional, and most of all, your relationship with yourself.) If you're interested in short-term, results-oriented coaching with Claire, contact her at

Claire has degrees in film, design and art history. She enjoys running, fencing, hiking and yoga. Her hobbies include travel, reading, film, art and knitting. She’s having way more fun in her fifties than she ever did in her twenties.


Mia Fontaine

Mia Fontaine is an author, writer and motivational speaker whose past appearances include Good Morning America, The O’Reilly Factor, and The Montel Williams Show. She has spoken nationally about drug addiction and the long-term cost of child sexual abuse. With the debut of Have Mother, Will Travel, she will be giving talks about the mother-daughter relationship, both in terms of how to improve it, as well as exploring it from a cultural and historic perspective.

In addition to the memoirs she’s co-authored, she has written for The New York Times and blogs for Ms. Magazine. She resides in New York City, and is currently at work on a narrative non-fiction book that combines four of her greatest interests: travel, human behavior, history, and culture.

A talented sculptor, her hobbies include biking, scuba diving, cinema, mentoring teens, exploring new cuisines, and, of course, travel.



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