Claire and Mia’s Top 10 Lessons from the Trip


The mother-daughter relationship is just as much culturally as biologically determined (contrary to Freud’s view). In other cultures, a lifelong close relationship is treasured, but being best friends isn’t a goal—a mother retains her role as mother, and the respect it accords, all her life.



French parenting isn’t much different than American parenting was prior to the 1970s.



When it comes to the three Big Ms in a woman’s life—men, money, and motherhood—mothers of all generations and locations give the same advice: men can leave, don’t “put up” or settle, the years pass far more quickly than you think they will, make sure you can take care of yourself on your own, and know your worth.



The best way to regret-proof your life is to have a clear vision of the life you want, what you want to have and do, and who you want to be—and it’s never too soon or too late to create, or recreate, it.



There’s a good chance you’re each struggling more than you let on. We found we were each pretending to be doing better than we actually were, and opening up to each other not only brought us closer, but helped us get advice and support.



Women are always coming of age—at any age and in any country.



Mothers are part of a global tribe. We share a bond that knows no borders. You can spot a mother and daughter anywhere in the world, from Nepal to Egypt to France. The gestures, expressions, tone of voice, the way they walk, everything.



Daughters do just as much lecturing, judging, and not accepting their moms as the other way around—it’s just not usually recognized or acknowledged.



One of the best ways to understand another country’s real problems is to find out what mothers there are most afraid of.



Never. Ever. Wake Mia up before 6 a.m. And never. Ever. Expect Claire to remember how she got from A to B.

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