Join us on an enchanting, unique, and often hilarious journey to exotic places around the world (half madcap Amazing Race through 12 countries, half lazy, lavender-filled South France.) Just as they did with their national bestseller, Come Back: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Hell and Back, readers are laughing, crying and gleaning lessons for their own lives. Come along on a remarkable, life-changing adventure as we gain new insights about each other, mothers and daughters globally, and how a woman of any age can live a more intentional, authentic and meaningful life.

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An unflinching true account of a teenage girl’s dizzying descent into drugs and self-destruction and a mother’s desperate attempts to bring her back. Riveting, alternately heart-wrenching and hilarious, Come Back is ultimately a testament to our power to transform ourselves and a raw and moving portrayal of the primal bond between mother and daughter that will resonate with readers long after they’ve put it down.

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“ takes great tenacity to revisit experiences like the ones described in this book...  Come Back is a testament to

the power of the love between a mother and daughter.”




Target Book Club Pick

"If you like "Eat Pray Love" then check out Have Mother, Will Travel."

— National Geographic Traveler

"What a beautiful, funny, poignant, and oh-so-representative peek into how
complicated—and how wonderful—a mother-daughter relationship can be."

Two powerful and moving memoirs of journeys that changed their lives forever, and the lives of readers worldwide.

— Ree Drummond   The Pioneer Woman


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